Support the Diocese

  • “Let us do that which is good to all men, and especially to them that are of the household of faith.”

    —Galatians 6:10

  • If you desire to be a good Samaritan to your brothers and sisters up North, If you desire to give back something to the Diocese that first brought Orthodoxy to this continent, please consider making a donation to one of the following funds:

    • Rectory Construction Fund
    • Clergy Stipend Fund
    • Missionary Fund
    • Land Management Fund

    Download a brochure of this information and share it with your parish, family and friends!

  • Rectory Construction Fund

    Survival in the far North obviously requires a place to be sheltered from the elements. Priests obviously need homes for their wives and children. Unfortunately, rectories are not a given in rural Alaska. Of the thirteen villages of the Yukon deanery, there is not a single rectory. There are also rarely homes to rent in these remote regions accessible only by small plane or boat. If a priest is not already a villager with a home, he cannot be assigned to that village. Through the Rectory Construction Fund, you can help us build rectories in these villages, so that priests and their families might have a place to lay their heads and so that the faithful in them can have the Liturgy regularly served.

  • Clergy Stipend Endowment

    The median family income for the state of Alaska is $77,790 per year. But the median stipend for native priests is $7,200 per year, a salary that is $26,000 below the poverty line for a family of four. Almost all the clergy and their wives worry about a future that is so financially fragile. Some priests have been forced to leave priestly ministry to provide for their families. And pious young men considering the priesthood have hesitated to answer the call with such abject poverty looming in their future. Through a replenishing clergy stipend endowment, you can help establish a means to provide our priests and their families with basic necessities every month for their entire active ministry.

  • Missionary Fund

    A flight from Anchorage to a parish in rural Alaska can be more expensive than a flight from New York to Paris. Once at that parish, the bishop often learns of pressing needs, but is helpless to address them. This missionary fund would enable the bishop not only to visit and serve at these parishes, but also to offer assistance when such assistance is needed most.

  • Land Management Fund

    Fully aware of how crucial financial support was for the diocese of Alaska, the Mother Church insured by treaty that various lands would be allocated throughout the state to continue to provide for the local church.
    Unfortunately, the Diocese has not had the staff necessary to oversee these lands properly tracking rentals, negotiating new leases, ascertaining whether lands have been lost through adverse possession. This has not only crippled the Diocese financially, but also made it impossible for the Diocese to develop programs to encourage growth and health.
    The best way to rectify this situation is to establish a LLC (Limited Liability Company) that would survey our lands, determine which lands are still in our possession, put our leases in order, collect the rents, negotiate new leases, and recruit developers for underutilized properties.
    The Land Management Fund would provide the seed money to form that LLC, which could provide a source of revenue in a Diocese in which 80% of the faithful in most villages are unemployed.

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